Prevent heart disease, Reduce the risk of cancer

At some time in the past, you’ve probably used canned mandarin oranges – tiny sections of orange fruit that look precious and perfect. Mandarin oranges are really small tangerines, or to be more precise, tangerines are really mandarin oranges, since tangerine isn’t a formal botanical term. So mandarin oranges – I’ll still call them tangerines – are actually not that exotic.

But their benefits are anything but commonplace. Tangerines contain quite a large amount of healing compounds. Like oranges, they are rich in vitamin C. One tangerine has 26 milligrams, 43% of Daily Value (DV). Tangerines also contain compound called beta-cryptoxanthin, which turns into vitamin A in the body. Eight ounces of tangerine juice can provide up to 1,037 international units of vitamin A, more than 20% of the DV.

This combination is important, since both vitamins are antioxidants – they can help stop harmful oxygen molecules called free radicals from causing cell damage in the body that can lead to everything from wrinkles and heart disease to cancer.

What makes tangerines really exciting to researchers are two compounds, tangeretin and nobiletin, which appear to be extremely potent against certain types of breast cancer. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, found that each of these compounds was 250 times more potent against one type of human breast cancer cell than genistein, a powerful anti-cancer compound found in soy. When these compounds were combined, they were even more powerful, the researchers found.

Recently, in Japan, researchers at the Tokyo College of Pharmacy found that tangeretin could inhibit the growth of leukemia cells, essentially by causing them to program their own deaths. They also found the compound wasn’t toxic to healthy cells, which is an important goal for any cancer treatment. We need more research into healing power and benefits of Tangerines and no doubt, we will see more research done in the near future.

While the flesh of tangerines contains great share of healing compounds, most of the tangeretin and nobiletin are concentrated in the rind. To add more of these to your diet, use zester to remove strips of the outer rind, then stir them into glass of juice, mix them into rice and pasta dishes, or sprinkle them on salads. You will get extra-zingy flavor along with extra benefits.


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