Blocks growth of cancer cells, Prevent heart disease

It’s not easy to find guavas in the supermarket, but these pink or yellow, lemon-size fruits, which are often available in gourmet, Indian or Hispanic markets, are definitely worth searching for.

What makes guavas so special is a cartenoid called lycopene. For a long time, lycopene took backseat to a related compound called beta-carotene. But all current studies now suggest that lycopene even more powerful than beta-carotene. In fact, lycopene is one of the strongest antioxidants.

In laboratory studies, Israeli scientists found that lycopene was able to quickly block the growth of lung and breast cancer cells. And in large study of almost 48,000 men, Harvard researchers found that men who got the most lycopene in their diets had a 45% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those getting the least. While tomatoes have long been admired for their high lycopene content, guavas are far better source, with at least 50% more lycopene in a single fruit.

Finally, when it comes to dietary fiber, guava contains about 9 grams per cup. That’s more fiber than you’d get in an apple, apricot, banana, and nectarine combined. And getting more fiber in a diet is one of the best ways to lower cholesterol, and risk of heart disease.

In recent published study, Indian researchers found that those who ate five guavas a day for three months had a drop in total cholesterol of almost 10% and their levels of healthful, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol actually rose 8%.

Store guavas in a cool, dark place – exposure to air and sunlight will quickly diminish their vitamin C content and proper storage will keep them fresh, preserving all of their healthy nutrients.


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